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20 excuses for not doing assignments

Students are getting lazy these days for not doing homework. They are getting so lazy that even their old-age traditional excuses for not the home tasks are not getting accept from their teachers, and they catch them that the student is lying to them. Do not worry. Now young learners do not need to fear from their teachers in getting scold and beat as these below helpful, yet interesting tips can help you to escape from doing dull homework:

  1. My dog ate my notebook, although I tried to snatch the book from its mouth that made the situation worse
  2. I thought I brought my notebook with me, but it is not in my bag teacher! Maybe I forgot it at my home
  3. I didn’t do it because the questions and numbers in the mathematical equations were so confusing for me. Can you explain it to me again?
  4. My laptop got a virus, and it cracked, which deleted all my work, and now I have to do it again for which I need time.
  5. I was indulge in extra-curricular activities, sports tournaments or volunteering tasks that I forgot to do the homework
  6. I was getting hurried for the class, and I forgot my notebook in my dad’s car, and now he is in his office
  7. I could not focus yesterday as there was a party going on at my neighbour’s place and the music was so loud that it distracted me a lot.
  8. I broke my thumb and index finger while playing cricket
  9. I slept during the time when the teacher was guiding about the homework tasks, and I had no idea about it
  10. I lend my work to my friend. I thought he would turn up, and he is absent today
  11. My little sister tore the pages in which I did the homework. Now I have to do it again. Can you grant me one more day?
  12. I had a high fever, so I was unable to complete the work
  13. I was in the hospital the whole day as my friend caught up in a brutal accident and I had to be with him
  14. I forgot the said page number in the coursebook which the teacher told about
  15. The electricity broke down at night, and I was unable to do the work in complete darkness
  16. I mistakenly did the other questions which the teacher did not instruct
  17. I forgot my coursebook in the class yesterday in which the teacher highlighted the problems.
  18. My Friend’s father died, so I was at the funeral. Could not manage time to complete the homework
  19. I was busy doing other subject’s homework, so I did not manage the time to complete the work
  20. Tell the truth to your teacher that she or he might appreciate you for being honest and might grant you one more day to complete the task.

Author Bio:

Ananya Rao-Middleton is a British graduate tutor from London University who frequently works for My Assignment Helps UK and outline about giving useful and effective tips to students that they can consider if they fail to complete their homework on the given time.

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