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50 Powerful Expository Essay Topics

If you are stressed about the expository topics for the essay that can help you in your essay writing, then don’t worry, we have found a lot of expository topics that you can use for your college paper. Before overthinking about the topics, it is essential that you must know about the expository essay. In other words, expository essays can be referred to as explanatory essays. The bottom line is that one should select the essay topics keeping in mind the relevant explanation. Therefore, the selection of such a topic requires intellect and logics.

Ideas related to your expository topics should be creative and interesting. You can easily explain the topics in creative ways if you have selected your topics wisely. Hence, you should ensure that such expository topics that you prefer contains enough sufficient data for you to explain. Below are around fifty expository essay topics on which you can write your research paper. These topics belong to various subject areas and do not target a particular area of interest.

50 expository essay topics for your paper

  1. What is child labour? How can it be solved?
  2. Is the government responsible for an increasing unemployment rate?
  3. Is game addiction bad for teenagers?
  4. What is feminism?
  5. What is government responsibility for homeless individuals?
  6. How individuals get affected by terrorism?
  7. What are the advantages of being a good cook?
  8. What is the history of the foster care system in the United Kingdom
  9. How to increase awareness about breast cancers?
  10. Is an ability grooming class necessary for individuals?
  11. How can you reduce the illiteracy rate?
  12. How to promote tourism in your country?
  13. Is social media a blessing or a curse?
  14. How important is mental health development?
  15. Is entrepreneurship a good choice to study?
  16. How to deal with people suffering from dementia?
  17. How to strategise your priorities in order to achieve your goals?
  18. What are the effects of bullying on school children?
  19. How to limit the use of smartphones during examinations?
  20. Is technological advancement a blessing or a curse?
  21. How can you earn a lot of money in a short period of time?
  22. Who develops the laws in the United Kingdom?
  23. What are the responsibilities of the eldest sibling?
  24. Is LGBT still a taboo?
  25. How to support the LGBT community?
  26. McDonald’s can affect your physical health? Is it true?
  27. How to avoid junk food?
  28. How to build a muscular body?
  29. How can someone save money for their future?
  30. How does government support sports facilities in the region?
  31. How to control sexism in the country?
  32. How to reduce the academic burden?
  33. What are the effects of Brexit on the retail industry of the United Kingdom?
  34. Does Brexit affect the studies of international students in Europe?
  35. What is the right way to treat handicapped people?
  36. How can we promote awareness regarding suicides?
  37. Is expressing depression a taboo in our society?
  38. How can we protect the rights of girls and women?
  39. What aspects are found most commonly in rapist and a murderer?
  40. What are the effects of global warming? How to prevent it?
  41. How to increase charity in order to reduce poverty?
  42. How to tackle depression and anxiety?
  43. Can people survive without the internet?
  44. How to teach your children basic etiquettes?
  45. Is martial art a good weapon for self-defence?
  46. How to create awareness of equality among men and women?
  47. Which law or rule is not applicable to the governmental agencies?
  48. What are the effects of deforestation on animals?
  49. Should humans hunt animals for fun?
  50. How to eradicate polio from the world?

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