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6 Impressive Things To Do in London on a Student Budget

Have you amazed to read the heading? I also, when I first experienced some mesmerizing and fancy things in London almost free. I was totally insane for me to experience the word “free” in London. Because London is considered the most costly place ever. It has been said about it that nothing is certain in London but expenses. And, I know, it is true. But, today I will try my best to give you a different view of London even you do not have enough money. You cannot only enjoy your free hours while touring the city through a bus. You can also explore the Shard to experience the jaw-dropping building or can see The Monument as well. On the other hand, the walkie talkie building can mesmerize you with its beauteous presence. Similarly, you can take pleasure while visiting The Heron Tower as well. Same as if you are nature lover, you can explore the beauty of rivers through Emirates Cable Car even Night flights. Furthermore, if you are interested in architecture, London is for you to explore the eye-catching museums almost free of cost. But, if you are a food lover, visit Bonnington Café, I bet, it would be not easy for you to choose one for praise, price or taste. Contrary, if you a theatre lover, buy a ticket of The Globe Theater at a jaw-dropping price. Same as you can enjoy drinks in happy hours free of cost as well between 4 pm to 8 pm. Besides this, if you want to buy designer clothes at a low price, must-visit Aquascutum and enjoy the brand feelings. Want to know more? Keep reading for more surprises in London!

1. A pleasant bus tour

Exploring the world is a feeling which cannot be explained in words. Although everyone’s taste and nature are different, we all want to see the beauty of the world without paying enough money. Right? Yeah! You can do this, even you are a student, by buying a bus route ticket to see the beauty of the city. There are multiple offers of routes to choose according to your need and desire. You can choose famous areas route, elegant London route, along the river route, old, cobbled streets or tour of the pubs. Always travel in a bus to save money and to explore different locations and peoples’ behaviours.

2. Fun from heights

You can explore the beauty of the city from a sky view at a low price. Just buy the ticket between 18 to 30 euros to have the jaw-dropping view of The Shard. It is the building having 95 floors. You cannot only see the cloud from near but also can see the lights, silence and peace of the city. On the other hand, you can also visit the monument to see the oldest human-made worth viewing beauty of London. Most of the all, you can get the opportunity to visit the walkie-talkie building without a penny, it is entirely free for all. Furthermore, even you do not have enough money, but still, you can visit the 3rd largest building of UK, The Heron Tower. But, you are a lover of the river, must have a ride from Emirates cable car even available in the night. Like it? Have fun!

3. Have eye-catching art

London is well known for its architectural heritage. Even if you do not have enough money, you can explore the most expensive and eye-catching art of ages. London has hundreds of great museums, and most of them are free of cost to educate the masses about rich heritage. If you want to see the most gargantuan collection of art from all over the world, visit The V and A. But, if you’re going to see the world-class art of the world at the same place, visit The British Museum, It depicts all cultures despite its name. It has 8 million objects from all over the world to educate people and to incraese tourism. But, if you do not have an interest in museums, you can explore street art to have a fancy and pleasured trip.

4.  Seek pleasure with food

Although we all know that London has scrumptious food contrary to the UK. So make the most of the presence in this city. Explore the Vincent Rooms to taste the cooking skills of future chefs. These people do practice and offer at a low price. But, if you want to have a particular community food, visit the open kitchen. Besides, if you’re going to explore the mesmerizing taste at a low price, never forget the Bonnington Café name. You cannot decide either food is better or the price. It will satisfy your craving and taste buds as well.

5. Enjoy theatre

Although theatre is something, costly London is giving surprises to you and me this time. Can you imagine to see Shakespeare art at just 5 euros? Nope? It is true. London is offering outstanding performances through yard ticket to The Globe theatre. On the other hand, they offer Friday rush as a discount.  On the other hand, if you do not have much time to invest, you can buy a standing ticket to watch a short play by standing, wear comfortable shoes must. Most of all, you can avail the discounts while seeing discounted ticket’s’ list.

6. Have designer clothes free

Yes, it would help if you visited Aquascutum to buy designer clothes at a cheap amount. They offer luxury clothes to fulfil your need for branded clothes. You can also save money while visiting the London Designer Outlet. Because they do not hosts designer clothes but high-street brands. You can get eye-catching clothes almost at half price than usual. Assignment writing help also assists you through its effective tips and tricks to enjoying more in less amount.


London is the city of light and expense. But, if you are a student and have a small budget, you can also have fun. This city is satisfying all through its enchanting offers and services. You cannot only have delicious food offers bit also can explore the beauty of town almost free. Just have fun!


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