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A Guide to Becoming a More Creative Writer in 9 Steps

We write so much in our everyday lives, from our Facebook statuses to general blog writing, we have a lot to write. It allows a person to articulate his thoughts into words and to express. But gaining expertise in this art form requires some input from the writer. Furthermore, you must be creative with your writing to explore more facets of it. In general, we need writing in our lives. So, here is a brief but complete guide on how you can become better at it. We have come up with ten tips for you to assist you in becoming a better writer. Read on.


1) Read More and Develop Creative Writing Skills:

To be able to write proficiently, you will need to read more. Of course, you can sit down and write your heart out without even reading a single piece of poetry, but it won’t necessarily be up to the mark. You can tell what people are doing in this aspect by reading more books. Most of the famous writer is also enthusiastic readers. It will teach about the quality of writing and can enhance your level. It can even boost your mind for ideas about what you can create with a pen and paper. But keep your style distinctive. Read anything you want from magazines to novels and explore different genres to get a touch of each one of them in your creative writing techniques.

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2) Write More with Creative Writing Ideas:

You cannot be great at writing by merely reading. Thus along with increasing your literary knowledge, you must write more as well. By writing 2-3 lines in a month, you are not likely to get better. Make a routine to write at least one page daily. This way, you can evaluate how much improvement you have attained. Also, your words will get better at explaining your thoughts precisely. Write on things you enjoy so you don’t get bored. You will notice that you will start to think less before writing.


3) Blog It:

You might be surprised to hear this one, but seriously if you want to become a better writer, start your blog. It is the fastest route for it. For many writers, it was a life-changing step of their writing career. You can start your blog website and begin writing from now. If you have confusions about the topics you should choose, you can check other blog content and remake some of them in your style until you find out better things to write yourself.

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4) Be Simple:

It is a common misconception that you can draw the attention of your readers by writing in a complex and complicated style. Instead, the mystery will make people lack interest. Whether you are doing it naturally, or on purpose, avoid words that are too complicated for ordinary people to understand. It is a rare case that people enjoy the mysterious nature of a piece of writing. Value simplicity and clarity while writing. The smoother the audience feels while reading it, the more it is likely to create an impact. Being simple is a far better option than being incomprehensible. Also, vague statements will mislead your readers.


5) Take A Course:

There are many things to try for yourself in the writing niche. But if you are taking it far too seriously, then you can enroll yourself in a course for writing and learn with creative writing tips. There are online courses to opt, as well. At My Assignment Help UK, there are marvellous writers for assignment and dissertation help.


6) Honest Feedbacks:

It is hard to find someone who can offer you honest feedback about your writing. The people close to you may not point your mistakes to be polite, but you will need constructive criticism to improve and enhance your skills. Find a friend or a mentor that can perform this job for you.


7) Do Practice and Improve Creative Writing Skills:

Practising is the key to perfection. And everybody knows it. You can assign yourself a daily word count to make sure that you are doing enough. Also, if you are thinking about making money from it, you need to give more input into it. The more you write, the more you earn, and the more successful you will become. You can even use some tools to stay on track and to polish your skills.

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8) Attend Workshops:

There are dozens of workshops happening around you all the time that concern writers and bloggers. If you need more efficiency in your writing art, then you must interact with them and get some tips from them. It will allow you to tackle the future difficulties of your writing career. Also, you can get many inspirations and motivation from the people there.


9) Be Unique:

One thing that you must keep in mind is that, do not copy the writing style of anyone. Your form has to be unique and different. It should be your voice.


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