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Amazing Tips To Improve Remote Learning with Google Classroom

The world is facing the most critical period of 2020. During this devastative situation, teachers are playing a leading front role to cope with the academic loss of students through various strategies and platforms. Due to pandemic, students and teachers cannot traditionally continue their learning to learn period. So, Google classroom is playing a vital role to overcome the distance and helping them to keep connected.

Do not you know what the Google classroom is? It is a part of a suite of applications from G Suit for education. It does not mean to use multiple Google tools in the class by the teacher during the lecture. It is an app which is web and mobile at a time. This application has been designed to assist teachers as well as a student. to keep in touch, communicate and collaborate. They cannot only manage their assignment and projects through but also can organize quizzes and exams with these tips for remote learning.

1. Extensive Collaboration with Teachers


This is the best part of this app. If you are a teacher or student, you can relate to me. This app is not only helpful to keep in touch with students during this unprecedented time but also with co-teachers along with elearning process in my classroom. You can discuss with other teachers to keep the distance learning educational system organize related to assignments, projects or exams. Why this collaboration does is important? Because if every teacher is not aware of each other, they will not be able to serve effectively and consistently due to abruptly performance. Teachers can use it to adopt a similar pattern and strategy to eliminate confusion and anxiety during the remote learning process. It is not only designed to avoid communication gaps but also to assist the students for assignment submission and to conduct exams.

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2. Checklist


A checklist can differ according to your academic institution or the nature of the subject. Moreover, it can depend on the preference of the teacher as well. You can keep it simple Google Doc list or a Google sheet. Similarly, it could be in the form of Google slide or just can be listed in the assignment form. You can present it in detail as well, but the simpler form will be convenient for the student in remote areas. You can not only share it with your students on social platforms but also with their parents to uplift their grades. Besides, you can offer them to make a copy of the checklist for each student. It is beneficial for them to have. But you must have to give the option; if you do not, you will have to delete the given assignment first.

3. Weekly topic option


Variety brings creativity in education, but at this time, we need continuation most. It does not matter to keep the quality high during this unprecedented situation. Time demands simplicity in academics to cope the academic losses. The duration can differ according to the preference of the schooling system. But the weekly option is better than a daily one. You can also take assistance to create a weekly or daily option with the help of Google classroom cheat sheets. It not only provides confidentiality and secure your data but offer free trial as well.

4. Resources and Tutorial topic


You are facing multiple issues to handle this teaching style. Although it is not a new majority is not familiar. I can understand that as a teacher. But Google is assisting you to deliver your efforts efficiently. You have to create tutorials to make your lecture more understandable for the majority. Moreover, they have to create a cheat sheet, as well. You cannot only teach students but assist parents in completing the given task in limited time as well. While creating the topic, ensure that it must be at the top of the page. How? Click and drag it. You should make it easy while keeping the resources topic at the top but weekly assignment option at the second number.

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5. Diversified assignments


Google classroom give you multiple choices to make your teaching and learning process easy and effective. You can select all the class to complete the assignment or can give it to the individual by selection options. If you select all student, you can deliver an assignment to all. But if you select another option, you can give it to an individual as well. Why? Because teachers know the demands, strengths and weaknesses of the particular student. It can be given as a practice to an individual as well rather the whole class. This differentiation in assignment not only can improvise their required skill but also minimize the chances of cheating. Similarly, it enriches the cognition of students with its modified pattern. Google assist a teacher with a particular check or uncheck the option. A teacher can click the unchecked option to select all the all class and choose the check option to select particular students.

6. Bookmark option


While managing multiple tasks, sometimes searching for sucks. You do not feel like to navigate in Google classroom. It not only brings frustration and aggression but also wastes your precious time. You have to click unlimited times to get your desired destination. At Google bookmarks, bar option can make it easy by quick access. You can find it easily at the top right of the chrome. Click three dots there. Select the bookmark bar option to make it enabled. Then visit the classwork page. Then click and drag the lock to add the bookmark. Name can be shortened after press the right click on the bookmark.

7. Keyboard shortcuts


You can save your tons of time and energy after utilizing this trick. These shortcut keys can make you eligible to pay more attention during the lecture. Your students can learn more in a short period in remote areas. You can use, control F (Command + F) to search keywords. Besides you can make the most of it for assignment number as well. Similarly, assignment writing service provider helps you to learn other multiple shortcut keys to save your time.

8. Adjust student’s response option


Every teacher is different from another. This depends on the nature of teacher and style of management. With the help of this feature, a student is allowed to participate, comments and post data in the stream by default feature. They can share files, images, links or videos. Students can edit their comment or post but not delete it. Whereas the teacher cannot only delete the comment or post but also can see deleted one. Google classroom student offer this option for the sake of better communication from both ends. But if a teacher considers it that it could be problematic in a certain scenario, he has authority to mute the option to keep a pleasant situation.

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9. Stream customization option


Although it could be annoying for some teachers apparently but it has huge benefits as well. Teachers cannot only post announcements but also can see notifications of new items instantly. Moreover, they can customize their page according to their desire and convenience. They can set their class page that what should appear on the screen first and what next. For this, go to the general section by clicking the setting icon. There are many online learning tools but Google Classroom is the best as virtual classroom. The stream is the using Google classroom communication hub. You can communicate, collaborate and assist them from that. Moreover, there is an option to choose expanded or collapsed view for your stream page. In addition, you can also hide all the stuff.



During this unprecedented time, Google assisting many teachers and students. It is playing a vital role to minimize the academic losses during a lockdown scenario. Similarly, it has provided many above mentioned features to academics to keep in touch with their students.


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