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Are You Graduate? After COVID-19 Secure Future in the Job Market

The world is facing an unprecedented situation during this lockdown. It is the most devastative economic environment after the Great depression. On the other hand, the number of firing letter is increasing due to the precarious situation of industries. They are firing their employee due to lack of financial assistance in the market.

Moreover, unfortunately, this graph of unemployment could multiply after new graduation degree holder in the job market. Now, these fresh graduates have to face the devastating economy and depleted the labour force. I can completely understand their scary emotional chaos, financial crisis and psychological anxiousness in the future due to lack of jobs in the market. Although things are not going according to plans, we should not panic this time. Because we will lose hope to fight against it due to this under confidence and depression. Now we will take some productive steps during lockdown to cope with the devastative future impacts of COVID 19. Yes! We have to do this. Do not worry much. WE can counter this pandemic and false all the negative economic predictions of the job market.

1)  Focus on side income

This is a crucial time to explore your potential and make the most of t. Just find what you can do in a better way. For instance, baking, stitching, online teaching, online marketing, blogging etc. Just try to save some extra money for your future expenses during this lockdown. It will immensely help you out to improvise the image of your personality. Moreover, word of mouth about your brand will increase during COVID 19. This incremental income will assist you for a startup in future as well.

2) Limit the spending

The biggest mistake in this scenario can be live without your means. We must not be extravagant or spend a lot of money whereas our income is off. Yeah, I can understand that you are seeking no road but spending due to avoid debts in lockdown. But you can minimize the expenses accordingly. How? You need to adopt rational decisions and smart choices while buying anything. Similarly, you can share your apartment with paying guest as well. Because it will take great positive effects in your coming future.

3) Online group learning

You can improvise your cognition and increase the chances by learning new things. Every job market needs new skills and proficiency all the time. Moreover, during the pandemic scenario, it will keep you engage and save your precious time from wasting. You can join multiple online groups on different platforms. For instance, join a Facebook group related to baking. Start baking at home and earn a profit. You cannot only bear your expenses in lockdown abut also can startup after this pandemic. So save your money for the future.

4) Offer your routine services online

You do not need to stick to one online option. You need to explore your true potential and passion what you love to do. It could be gardening, online teaching or stitching etc. Similarly, if you are hotel management, you can offer online courses in hotel management and can earn money. Similarly, if you are a gardener, guide people about techniques and hacks to increase the number of clicks on your video. It not only increase your financial graph but also minimizes environmental hazards. Yeah, lockdown is the worst situation of this year but do not lose hope. Offer your services with some modification.

5) Cognitive and skill improvement

Diversified learning structures, designs, and strategic pattern not only improvise your mental abilities but also polish your skills. Techniques and adoption of the pattern can differ according to the different age and psychology. During this lockdown, you can increase your cognition by reading multiple books or joining an online library. Due to this improve your mental status, you will be more able to take a right and fruitful decisions in your near future. Similarly, assignment writing service provider also exhibits useful tips in this regard.

6) Online certification

Convert this scary lockdown period into a favourable one by gaining online certifications. Many services provider is offering free or cost-effective online certification opportunities after considering the financial crisis and increasing depression. Similarly, you can increase the chances of employment due to a huge number of diversified certifications. These number of online certificates not only distinguish your resume in front of others but also aggravate your cognition and skills in different domain.

7) Provide counselling

Suppose you neither have any expertise in a particular domain nor have the income to arrange your bread and butter during COVID 19 scenarios by healthcare management organizations. It’s equally problematic for all groups. As we know that the counselling is essential in the uncertain situation of lockdown. Good news is that you can also earn from this service. Just provide your online services to aware people about the symptoms and reasons for this pandemic. On the other hand, you are saving people and coping the spread of this pandemic as well.  Moreover, you can offer any other counselling like you can guide students about their assignments.

8) Intellectual investments

Increase your money with investment to secure the coming future. In this scenario pharmaceutical companies and the banking sector could be a good choice for investment. Similarly, the services sector in multiplying money. You need to buy relevant shares to increase the profit for the future. Moreover, you can be a partner in their business after making an investment to secure your financial future. Because in the near future all will have to face an employment crisis. You can reduce the number of unemployment as well by your startup with profited money.


Crisis of jobs in the market is going to increase the same as rocket speed. This lockdown could pose a severe threat to fresh graduates as well due to the devastative condition of the job market in COVID 19. Companies will not have the capability to manage a huge number of employee in future. So you need to save money, invest intellectually, improve chances of hiring by learning new things. Similarly, reduce expenses and explore the ways of passive income to support you and your family financially.


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