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Best and Effective 21 Assignment Writing Tips

Are you struggling with writing an outstanding assignment that can get you a distinction? Or if you are the type of student who fears the word assignment and immediately have the hallucination of the boring classroom, constantly ticking clocks and looking at the blank sheet for longer hours….. You do not need to worry about it as we are now providing you with 21 tips for writing an exceptional assignment with academic writing style guide that will help you achieve a distinction in the assignment.

Before starting your assignment, you must focus on the following points

  1. Firstly relax and do not be stressed about your assignment no matter how difficult it is as it only demotivates the student and ruins destroys their assignment.
  2. After relaxing, make sure your mind is at peace, and you have well slept and are well fed as it helps in quick functioning of the mind and read assignment instructions.
  3. Prior to writing my assignment, you must properly read the course material, and in case of excess time, you are required to do some reading from the other sources that are not available on their list in order to have a backup for your stance.
  4. Set up your schedule on the before writing the assignment you have to make assignment plan as nothing is worse than giving 100% to your assignment and then later missing the deadline.
  5. Plan your activities and time effectively, try to break your time in the smaller chunks as it will help you find allocating the time and activities much easier, however, be realistic while planning your time.
  6. Do not hesitate while asking for help, if you are struggling with the assignment, then take help from your supervisors, friends and the family. Remember the goal of attaining distinction in the assignment, so asking a few questions will not harm.
  7. Plan the structure of the assignment beforehand, try penning down your structure on the sticky notes as it will give you constant reminders to stick with the structure and do not deviate.
  8. Always start your assignment by providing a brief introduction of the overall assignment. You can also write the introduction after finishing the rest of the assignment, as most people prefer it this excessively.
  9. Argument structuring is another way of planning writing an effective assignment as it helps in ensuring that each point that you have made has evidence that can be supported. In case of using, many sources try to add them in your reference list as you go along.
  10. While writing the main body of the assignment, make sure that the sources that you are using are relevant, and it provides authentic and efficient information according to level 4 writing / level 5 writing structure guidelines.
  11. Writing conclusion is the final part of the assignment; therefore, you must make sure that you do not add any new information in the concluding paragraph and make sure to precise all the important information.
  12. If you are still not sure about your assignment and find yourself unable to write it properly, then try to use your time effectively and re-read the written part or take help from your friends and teachers.
  13. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread the assignment at least three times after completing the assignment in order to ensure that the assignment has all the information that was needed in the first place.
  14. Make sure to use the essay voice, which means the tone of the essay must be professional while writing the assignment, use of slang language and casual tone is strictly prohibited in doing academic essays.
  15. After writing and proofreading it a few times give yourself a break from writing and do what you love to do to distract yourself from writing, it will allow you to relax your mind.
  16. Re-read your assignment and make sure that you have fulfilled all the objectives of the assignment as you are reading your assignment draft, make sure all the added points are relevant to the main topic.
  17. Ask your friends and siblings to read your assignment and point out all the spellings, grammatical mistakes and other sentence structure mistakes, taking others perspective helps in strengthening the structure and material of the assignment.
  18. Cut out all the unnecessary information, as the tutors do not like to read irrelevant information and it often results in marks deduction and extreme cases, failure.
  19. Double-check your final assignment as nothing gives a bad impression than the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, such mistakes distract the reader from the main subject of the study, and it further gives an unprofessional look.
  20. Make sure the word count is accurate and is not more than 10% less or above the required word count. Reading excessive information can get boring for the reader; thus, the student must make sure to insert relevant and precise information only.
  21. Cite your sources effectively; the unnecessary and irrelevant references give a bad impression to the tutor; therefore, the student must make sure to insert only relevant references only and only required referencing style must be used.


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Sarah Adams is the British postgraduate doctor and have been helping the students of UK based universities via Assignment Writing Services that can get them A+ grades; she has been working with MyAssignmentHelps since the start of this website.

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