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university work experience, student experience
University life brings a lot of new experiences that will have a long-lasting impact on you. While it has tons of things to offer, you might as well get overwhelmed with the variety of events. Apart from academic indulgence, you also have to deal with a lot of social and Read More
mood boosting healthy foods
Are you feeling down? Are you going to eat something sugary or high calories to change your mood? Stop! You need to read this paper to get enough information about relevant research work on how healthy food can swing your mood with appropriate consumption. Research says that nutrition and mental Read More
become more creative writer
We write so much in our everyday lives, from our Facebook statuses to general blog writing, we have a lot to write. It allows a person to articulate his thoughts into words and to express. But gaining expertise in this art form requires some input from the writer. Furthermore, you Read More
Top 5 Technology Trends in 2020
Technology is not only advancing to make our life easier but also it requires us to adapt it. With a new technological trend to follow every year, people are also upgrading and updating their knowledge and skills with it. If you are a keen observer of the latest trends in Read More
learning to learn, google classroom student
The world is facing the most critical period of 2020. During this devastative situation, teachers are playing a leading front role to cope with the academic loss of students through various strategies and platforms. Due to pandemic, students and teachers cannot traditionally continue their learning to learn period. So, Google Read More