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academic life

virtual classes online

Everyone has a right to get an education. Distance learning is playing a vital role in this regard to improve the number of literacy rate. You can learn from your home according to your feasibility. Similarly, get diversified information from foreign experts and get multiple online certifications without travelling. You cannot only complete your degree with a job through an online platform but also save...

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university work experience, student experience

University life brings a lot of new experiences that will have a long-lasting impact on you. While it has tons of things to offer, you might as well get overwhelmed with the variety of events. Apart from academic indulgence, you also have to deal with a lot of social and psychological elements. Hence, handling all of it might be a bit tricky.  But not anymore....

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learning to learn, google classroom student

The world is facing the most critical period of 2020. During this devastative situation, teachers are playing a leading front role to cope with the academic loss of students through various strategies and platforms. Due to pandemic, students and teachers cannot traditionally continue their learning to learn period. So, Google classroom is playing a vital role to overcome the distance and helping them to keep...

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