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best mobile apps for teacher

Augmented reality or augmented reality is the visual exchange and, in some cases, intelligent exchange with a known state in which the elements are stretched by perceptual data generated by the computer. 1) Layar                                         This augmented reality graphic lets you update your brochures, postcards, packages, or anything with intuitive hardware, including video messages, social and internet connections, photo shows, video clips, and more again! Imagine what...

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how to avoid plagiarism

Do you know the exhibition of someone's ideas, thoughts, expressions, and language without his permission is an offense? It is stealing on someone's content or uses it without crediting the real source.  It is not only academic dishonesty but also contrary to journalistic ethics. It can lead you towards serious trouble but also leave harmful impacts on your career. For instance, getting F grade, suspended...

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google docs tips for teachers

Google Docs is more popular and feasible during this unprecedented scenario of a pandemic. It is assisting teachers and students in keeping in touch during a lockdown. They cannot only connect to continue the educational process but also can learn new things while using diversified social platforms. Here we are going to share some useful features and tips to make them practical for teachers. 1) How...

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powerpoint presentation online

Presentation is the best way to describe your point to convince the second person. But, it is equally essential to deliver it effectively. Performance keeps the power to make or destroy the future opportunities for every individual. For instance, every employee must know how to present the idea to take the tender and impress the boss. Contrary, if he cannot deliver appealingly, he cannot make...

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how to write an scholarship essay

Are you going to apply for the scholarship? Is it about an essay? If it is. You need to read this paper completely to get the most useful and thought-provoking tips to increase the chances of your selection. We know that they ask you to reflect your true self, your ideas, and your perception about the particular things in the essay. Although it is the...

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