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Reasons Why Online Learning is Future of Education

The traditional education system has changed drastically during this decade, especially in the on-going year after the United Nations (UN) declared the novel coronavirus as a pandemic, resulting in the closure of all educational institutes worldwide. In the first months of lockdown, everything was stopped from commercial activities to education, badly affecting the already worsen economies and literacy rates of the developing and under-developing countries....

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13 Qualities a Good Student Possesses

Many students think that they can never make it to the A-list students due to various reasons, including lack of confidence, shyness, low-IQ, etc. However, such thoughts are just a waste of time. It’s time to wash away such thoughts and adopt the qualities that we are going to mention in this blog post. But, before going ahead, let’s discuss what’s the real issue that...

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How to Cope with Depression

Depression is a curable disease. It is totally normal to be depressed. You should first understand and make your mind that you are not okay, but it is not the end. Everything is going to be okay in the future. Eventually, you will stand on your feet with a healthy smile. Most of the students in their academic life face depression in different shapes. Some...

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