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mood boosting healthy foods

Are you feeling down? Are you going to eat something sugary or high calories to change your mood? Stop! You need to read this paper to get enough information about relevant research work on how healthy food can swing your mood with appropriate consumption. Research says that nutrition and mental health has an incredible connection to influence your feelings and spirit. On the other hand, mood...

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make an investment investing time

1.Virtual workforce It is a time of modern era where everyone is seeking an advanced education, online communication tools handling proficiency and polished skills and effective delivering style in a candidate. So people need to get relevant required skills and training to secure their future in the job market. Communication through online platforms is essential to keep in touch with business partners or to watch competent...

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artificial intelligence in education

Artificial intelligence remains a hot potato in the field of school due to its effectiveness on students in the learning process. Similarly, artificial intelligence has revolutionized and improvised learning pattern. Although we are not seeing robot everywhere in our classroom but still making the most from it. For instance, we are taking benefits by grading quickly and easily through artificial intelligence. Here, we are discussing...

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