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Student Mental Health

study abroad emotional stages

Studying abroad brings new challenges and several opportunities for students, and it will be a memorable time of their life. The students learn a lot while staying away from home, but most of them experience difficulty in adjusting to a new country. The homesickness is very common in students who are studying abroad because they were missing their families and close friends. You can experience...

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tips for university students, steps for stress, how to help someone with stress

Students all over the world are seemed stressed and depressed about their academic life as they do not get enough time to work on their assignments because of their hectic work schedule and their part time jobs. Students particularly in the western countries are preoccupied in their social activities such as their volunteering work along with their part time jobs that they do to support...

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lack of motivation at work, stress no more, productively efficient. manage time

10 Effective Advice for Motivation Are you tired of being demotivated? If you are, then now it's a time for catering this situation and motivated mindset. Motivation deliberates as an intention through, which people stay with happiness and with comfort in their life. Self-motivation techniques are an important part of every individual's life because if a person will not stay motivated in their life, then it...

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stress management tips for students

By exploring so many people from different regions and countries that still in 21st-century, stress is considered as one of the most common and worst issues that are faced by almost every other people in their life. In general words, stress is considered as a reaction of a human body towards any change or alteration that require a response or any kind of adjustment. Moreover,...

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