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future impacts of covid 19, new graduation degree

The world is facing an unprecedented situation during this lockdown. It is the most devastative economic environment after the Great depression. On the other hand, the number of firing letter is increasing due to the precarious situation of industries. They are firing their employee due to lack of financial assistance in the market. Moreover, unfortunately, this graph of unemployment could multiply after new graduation degree holder...

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new journeys, mental preparation

A new beginning always requires proper planning and preparation. May that be your new school year or new semester, it is essential that you prepare yourself beforehand. But deciding where to start, can be tricky. Do not worry because here you will have the complete guide on techniques that you can utilize for new classes. Do read it carefully to develop a better approach from...

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study abroad emotional stages

Studying abroad brings new challenges and several opportunities for students, and it will be a memorable time of their life. The students learn a lot while staying away from home, but most of them experience difficulty in adjusting to a new country. The homesickness is very common in students who are studying abroad because they were missing their families and close friends. You can experience...

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how to focus on homework

Distraction is one of the biggest problems that shifts the focus and concentration of the students away from their studies. The reason for this can be this that students may try to research on the internet and end up using different social media networks. The usage of social media or specifically mobile phone is injuries to health, but it also destroys the essential time of...

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ways to save money, how to save money

Being smart with money is the skill not everybody possess; therefore, it is recommended to most of the people to be smart while they are studying abroad. Studying abroad is one of the best experience that a student can have; however, you cannot avoid the additional expenses that are attached to them. While you are studying abroad, you cannot just stay in one place, and...

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