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cubic equation solver, solve cubic equation

A cubic equation is in the form of ax3 + bx2 + cx + d = 0 and the highest exponent in these equations is 3. There are numerous ways for solving a cubic equation and two most common and effective methods for solving a cubic equation are illustrated below along with steps. The first method is for equations with d=0 while for the equations...

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stress management tips for students

By exploring so many people from different regions and countries that still in 21st-century, stress is considered as one of the most common and worst issues that are faced by almost every other people in their life. In general words, stress is considered as a reaction of a human body towards any change or alteration that require a response or any kind of adjustment. Moreover,...

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scholarships for international students

Everyone wants to study free, and that too in the UK would be a perfect opportunity for students. Various scholarships are available for students and to help you top 10 most popular scholarships for international students are: 1. Chevening Scholarships The global scholarship programme of the UK government provides deserving and outstanding students with Chevening Scholarships. This scholarship offers a one-year Master’s degree, and it covers various...

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