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tips for writing

how to avoid plagiarism

Do you know the exhibition of someone's ideas, thoughts, expressions, and language without his permission is an offense? It is stealing on someone's content or uses it without crediting the real source.  It is not only academic dishonesty but also contrary to journalistic ethics. It can lead you towards serious trouble but also leave harmful impacts on your career. For instance, getting F grade, suspended...

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google docs tips for teachers

Google Docs is more popular and feasible during this unprecedented scenario of a pandemic. It is assisting teachers and students in keeping in touch during a lockdown. They cannot only connect to continue the educational process but also can learn new things while using diversified social platforms. Here we are going to share some useful features and tips to make them practical for teachers. 1) How...

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assignment writing tips for academic life

Assignments and homework are a daily part of the lives of students. They help you practice for your exams and create better understanding. But the part that makes it the most significant one is that it carries marks that you must ace to make it through your classes. It sometimes even give off a nightmarish vibe to students because of it. Hence, the way you...

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how to write a scholarship essay

The scholarship is financial assistance for competitive students to get higher education with minimum resources. Academic institutions provide help to minimize the monetary expenses through their financial grant and support. These institutions offer support based on academic achievements and learnt skills. They keep criteria to select a deserving one. Students can fulfil their demands by focusing on some strategies. Here, we are discussing a few...

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