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tips for writing

how to write thesis, thesis deadline, maintain the thesis deadline

Life is a mixture of many different events, which usually makes people super busy in their life. Especially when you are a student, then there can be so many things, which makes you super busy with work in life. Students have tight schedules, along with this, there are some students as well who are doing part-time jobs with their educations, and they usually do not...

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how to write resume

Resume writing is a very challenging task, and it has been identified that the wrongly written resume can cause the student his or her whole college life. The entire professional life of the student is dependent on how the résumé is written. Writing resume is the creative task which needs the adequate analysis and the evaluation of the current skills and capabilities that you possess....

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how to write research questions

Research question Research questions are the primary theme around which the whole dissertation or your research is carried out. Research question should be clear enough that everyone should understand the motive behind it without requiring an additional description. In addition to that, it should focus on the main topic upon which you are conducting your research. Moreover, the research question should not be wordy but as...

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argumentative essay, controversial topics, discursive essay

If you are stressed about the expository topics for the essay that can help you in your essay writing, then don't worry, we have found a lot of expository topics that you can use for your college paper. Before overthinking about the topics, it is essential that you must know about the expository essay. In other words, expository essays can be referred to as explanatory...

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harvard referencing style guide

Various referencing styles are used for citing assignments and dissertations such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Oxford, and Harvard. It becomes quite hectic sometimes for students to differentiate among these referencing styles such as Harvard and MLA style. Differences between Harvard and MLA referencing style are discussed here. Referencing differences, formatting, development, and usage of MLA and Harvard referencing styles are discussed below. Invention or Development The Harvard...

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