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study abroad emotional stages

Studying abroad brings new challenges and several opportunities for students, and it will be a memorable time of their life. The students learn a lot while staying away from home, but most of them experience difficulty in adjusting to a new country. The homesickness is very common in students who are studying abroad because they were missing their families and close friends. You can experience homesickness in different kinds like missing your parents’ birthday, interaction and small talks with your siblings, game time with your close friends or craving of some delicious food from your preferred place. These kinds of fix feeling have different intensity, and it can be a hindrance in studying abroad.


Homesickness is a brief but intense feeling which can last for a month or two until you meet with new people. But sometimes it can last for several months which can have a negative impact on personal life. Most people feel homesickness due to being away from comfortable surroundings for an extended period. It can lead to social withdrawal when socialising and blending with new people in a new country is essential. Due to homesickness, most of the people have faced depression.

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Minimal use of Social Sites

Social sites have been useful while studying in abroad as you can easily communicate with your friends and family. People who study abroad, they have a fear that most of their friends will forget them. But sometimes using too many social sites harm students’ life. You can feel left out or alone when you see your friends hanging out or enjoying through social media. The less you use social sites, the less you encounter with homesickness. Commonly, most of your friend will also be missing you as well, so it is easy to communicate and tackle your homesickness. But giving a limited time on social sites will help you to deal with homesickness.

Bucket list

Your main aim to travel abroad is to get an education, and you have to spend a lot of your time on your studies. But after that, you still got some spare time which you can utilise to fulfil your bucket list. While staying in a foreign country, you need to make a bucket list. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand your perspective about modern culture. You can enjoy the nightlife or visit a theme park. You can make a list and plan a trip to your favourite city or visit your favourite football club. You can make a bond with new people such as your classmates or roommates and learn a lot of new thing about them and the city you are currently living in.

Local food

Food is also a good source to explore a new culture and interacting with new people. You need to introduce fresh food to your stomach and don’t hesitate if you are trying something new. You can look out on the internet about the best meal around your neighbourhood or visit with your new friends. It all helps you to reduce the homesickness, and you can pay more attention to your studies. Adapting new life is essential while studying abroad and you need to socialise as much as possible to avoid homesickness.

Stay in Touch

The students abroad need to stay in touch with their families. Staying in touch is essential to make balance their life emotionally and mentally. Social sites such as Whatsapp, Skype and calls can be an excellent source for a stay in touch with your loved ones, but constant use can have a reverse impact on your life. If you balance your lifestyle, while staying in touch with your family, you can overcome homesickness.

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Show Positivity

Positivity can lead to greatness, but sometimes it is challenging to show an optimistic attitude. You can face a lot of difficult time while studying abroad but staying positive will give you an ever-lasting experience. You can make a plan to visit some enjoyable places with your friends or watch your favourite TV show. A positive attitude will help you to make new friends, and you can hang out with more people. You can ask for help from your classmates or roommates to overcome homesickness, and even universities have counsellors to assist the new and international students.

Focus on your wellbeing

The mental illness has a direct impact on your emotional status, and it can increase homesickness and anxiety. It would help if you took care of yourself by eating healthy nutrients and exercising daily. You can ask help from your friends about the healthy diet plan or hire a trainer. It would help if you avoided alcohol as it is harmful to your health instead of drink as much water as you can. Drinking can harm students from studying abroad. You should take a good nap at least for eight hours, and this will help you to concentrate on your studies.

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