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Drawbacks Of Green House Effects

Possessing a greenhouse is the most effective way to garden your house by operating the seasons, particularly in the winter seasons. You can garden outside the seasonal restrictions with the help of the homegrown tomatoes along with the early bedding of plants, considering all the advantages, green housing has its particular disadvantages as well. The greenhouses’ controlled environment is associated with multiple disadvantages with the help of pest management and maintenance costs. Considering these disadvantages and the other issues can help you analyze if having a greenhouse is the perfect choice for you or not.


With the help of the careful consideration of the adequate site to construct, a greenhouse for you can become a disadvantage for you. Particularly ion the winter season, the greenhouse must be placed in the place where it is completely exposed to the sun. The east side of your house is most exposed to the sun; therefore, this area must be chosen for the gardening purpose. A wrong choice of the place can ruin your gardening and green housing. After the trees shed their leaves in the winter seasons, the shade of the deciduous trees helps the sun to reach the plants.

Management of Temperature

The greenhouses are generally designed in a way to preserve the warmth in order to keep the gardens warm in the cold seasons; however, it becomes a trap during the summers when the temperature exceeds the maximum limits the plants are cooked to the death. On the other hand, in the cold season, the plants are dead frozen because of the extremely low temperature. This delicate balance of the management of the temperature needs the systems of ventilating and heating which are considered as the most costly operating systems of the greenhouse. Even though most often plants of greenhouse needs the night temperatures to lie between the 60-70 Fahrenheit, which is the ideal temperature for the growth of some specific plants. However, it shows you cannot grow a different variety of plants in one greenhouse.

Diseases and Pests

The same hurdle that is provided by the greenhouse to keep the unwanted weather out also helps in keeping the pests and diseases in the greenhouse. The main pesticides that feed the saps and can destroy more than 250 types of plants are Greenhouse whiteflies, and these flies are impossible to control due to their resistance to different kinds of pesticides. Before reaching the stage of maturity, the whiteflies progress through the different stages. The pupae and the eggs are not yielded to the insecticides, which eventually kills the adults and the nymphs. The humid situation of the greenhouses that are favoured by many plants also promotes multiple diseases, and this is considered as another reason to install the appropriate system of ventilation. Neem and the other oils of horticulture also helps in managing the stages of immaturity and the parathyroid insecticides that have a control on the adults


Some plants of the greenhouse, for example, tomatoes, are required to be pollinated prior to the setting of the fruit. The fans of the greenhouse, which helps in circulating the air and keeping the foliage dry, do not formulate the sufficient wind for the process of pollination. Tapping the flowers manually helps in releasing the grains of pollen, which becomes a problem if the schedule cannot fit it. You have an option to use the tools of pollinating that are operated on batteries in order to increase the task speed; however; they are still in need of the operators. Some bumblebees are opted to be the best pollinators of the greenhouse; however, the cost of using such bees also includes the bees hive and the prepackaged nectar, which is taken as the source of the supplement food for them.

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