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assignment writing tips for academic life

How Can You Exhibit Your Assignment Better By Following 5 Ways?

Assignments and homework are a daily part of the lives of students. They help you practice for your exams and create better understanding. But the part that makes it the most significant one is that it carries marks that you must ace to make it through your classes. It sometimes even give off a nightmarish vibe to students because of it. Hence, the way you present your assignments matters a lot. Formatting it the right way is not an easy cake of piece. It is a comprehensive guide with five essential tips to follow, and you will be good to go. Read on to make it all easy for you.

1) A Catchy Title in Academic Project

Your assignment title is the first thing that your teacher will notice. It serves as the first impression. Hence, it has to be catchy to grasp their attention in a moment and to make them read the whole thing. It has all the relevant information about you and your assignment. Hence, it must be engaging. It must include:


  • The title heading
  • Assignment number
  • Course name and number
  • Submission date
  • Your name and student ID

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The alignment of the title must be centred to make it look pleasant and organized. The arrangement of the text matters a lot. You must make sure that you keep it intact and straightforward. Keep the title font size more significant than the other content to make it more prominent. You can also turn the title bold to enhance visibility.


2) Use Standard Fonts in Academic Papers

Most students use some random fancy fonts to make their content look attractive. It is a bad practice and should get avoided. The standard fonts used for such work is Times New Roman. You either use it, or you can opt for the Calibri font or Arial which are also acceptable. You have to make sure that all the content has the same font. Using different fonts for different paragraphs does not send out a good impression. After the font style, you must look after the font size, which has to be within 12 and must not exceed it. Also, the colour of the scripture has to be black on the white background paper. You may also refer to for further reading.


3) Space It Up

Your teacher may already provide the spacing guideline. Usually, 1.5 spacing is in use, and you only do double spacing when they ask. After you follow it, you have to make sure that you must follow each paragraph with a blank line. Also, if the content looks jumbled, then you must provide spaces wherever you feel the need for it. But do not space it up too much. It will not look good if there is too much spacing or no spacing at all. Keep it left-justified because if you equate the length of each line, the spacing might get affected. Once you complete your assignment, analyze it and check if you missed any spacing guideline. A tidy and well-arranged work will always impress.

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4) Add Sub-Headings in your Assignments

If you start with a title and keep the content monotonous until the end with no more headings, then the readers will feel too burdened by it. There will be no clue available as to what topic each paragraph narrated. To allow him to judge your content correctly, add more headings that can tell what each section is saying. Also, it will provide an overall view of how many points you covered in the whole task. It is an impressive and attractive style, and allures readers to read till the end. Your professor may feel the same way. It effectively presents the work and keeps the content assembled.


5) Keep It Precise

Nobody likes the kind of material in which someone keeps on babbling things to make it long. Instead, everyone values writing to the point. But some students have a habit of overwriting, which is not good at all. Nor does anybody approve of it. Hence, by avoiding overwriting, you will notice better engagement and also better marks. Irrelevant information should not be a part of your task. The more concise and precise your work is, the more authentic it will look. Adopt an authentic writing style as a habit to score good overall in your academic life.

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Wrap Up:

Well, students, that was a wrap, and we hope that these tips will help you out in your future assignments. Also, while you strive to make it catchy and presentable, submit it on time. Teachers value punctuality, and so should you. Take care of all the formatting and make sure to avoid grammatical errors in your assignment. Conclusively, you are likely to score better than before. For more information, and explore more about making your assignment more presentable.


Author’s Note:

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