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Write a Five Paragraphs Essay

How Do You Write a Five Paragraphs Essay to Get High Marks

Are you anxious about the essay coming in your exam? Do not you know how to tackle this? Do you want to know what kind of essays can generate good marks or what type of strategies can escalate the better image of your writing during an exam? These all question are pervasive in students who want to participate in any competitive exam. For this purpose, a student must know about the pattern of the standardized test. So that he will be able to find his type of essay. Because as we know that there are many types of essay. For instance, a narrative essay, expository essay, argumentative essay, persuasive essay, comparative essay, literary etc. So that person must know the demand of examiner first to get the idea about the requirement of the article. Because the type of essay determines standards of the item. Here, we are going to study how to write an effective essay. Similarly, My Assignment Help Experts provide also elaborates the effective strategies to cope with the article.

1. Introduction

First of all, the student needs to introduce his topic in the first paragraph. Because it describes the main idea of the topic. The purpose of the introduction is to provide an idea to the examiner about the approach of the topic. For instance, he may realize that are you writing in against of the given topic or defending the idea. Similarly, it describes the tone, angel and approach towards the topic, which escalates the attention of the reader while having a glance. Effective introduction of the essay not only grasp the attraction but also provoke the reader to keep reading. But the important thing that writer must follow some steps to write it efficiently. For instance, first of all, he must describe the topic in one sentence. Essay writing prompt and question techniques can help a student to fabricate this sentence. Similarly, now student will write a thesis statement after that or anything. What is in your mind about the topic. After that, write some points or arguments that support your idea or topic in the essay.

2. Main body

The main body contains the second third and fourth paragraph. These three paragraphs collectively called a body. The main body contains a collection of facts, quotes, numbers and examples as well. It is really crucial to provide statistics and facts in the body of the essay to give the examiner idea about your grip on the topic. Moreover, their factual data will also make him realize your research work for the sake of the essay. Make sure that facts and all provided data must be authentic and relevant to the demand. In these three paragraphs, a student needs to support the thesis statement, which he wrote in the introduction early. Then pay attention to those points which you highlighted in your introduction. Take one point as one paragraph and describe it. Similarly, raise the second point in the second paragraph and elaborate it with relevant facts and statistics. Moreover, here is important to know that students must need to avoid repetition in his essay. They should not repeat facts, quotes, statistic and examples as well in the same essay. Same as students must proofread his essay after writing to minimize the weak aspect of the essay. Additionally, a student must focus on spellings, structures and models while writing to cope grammatical errors. Because grammatical errors can worsen the image of a piece of writing and ruin the mood of the reader as well.

Next, provide arguments to support the contrary aspect and to escalate the effectiveness of the essay. A student has to make a decision before starting the writing that he is in favour of the topic or vice versa. When he takes a stand, he must provide supportive quotes, examples, statistics and evidence in favour of his stand. Because they have to prove why he has taken this stand or why he considers this aspect a true one. Similarly, students need to eliminate irrelevant exaggeration while writing and must pay attention to meet the target. Another important thing in this regard is that student should not exceed the word limit in his essay. Because it will show him overconfidence and disobedience in front of an examiner. Same as he should not write less word than requirements because he will not be able to compete with others.

3. Conclusion

Conclusion of anything is basically a summarized form of a piece of writing. In essay writing, students need to write the gist of his topic. According to the majority, it is the most difficult part of the essay. Because it leaves the last impression of the essay so that the chances of success and failure can be changed. How? Because, when a reader is in a good mood while reading body paragraphs but when he gives a glance to an unorganized conclusion, his mood can ruin quickly. So that he can reduce the marks. Similarly, a well-described conclusion can provoke examiner to give high ranks. Here are some techniques. Firstly, you must rewrite your thesis statement, in conclusion, to remind him about your stance on the topic. Then, connect the main points of the body to a conclusion in a summarized form. This is essential to show him how the main points of the body support your stance with evidence. When you are elaborating your final sentences, you must uphold the main idea in a compelling manner to provoke his thoughts. Moreover, never input any new information in your conclusion. Because it will show him that you forgot that before. So that it can ruin the image of the essay as well.

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