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How to Choose Perfect Debate Topics

In order to choose a good debate topic, it is necessary to understand why the debate is important or the significance of debate. Moreover, there are various types of debate motions that should be analysed before selecting a debate topic.

Significance of Debate

The debate is an important way of sharing ideas and critically analysing information. An argument represents a speaker’s careful examination of two aspects of a topic or question and provides credible evidence to support his or her choice in preventing problems and providing solutions. Initially, the debate was thought to have originated in Greece, but it was widely circulated that Socrates developed a Socrates method of reflection to encourage his students to deepen their thoughts on philosophical and political issues. Later, the process was written by the Greek philosopher Plato, and later Aristotle considered this method the basis of scientific methods. The debate on US society has been an integral part of our government since the US became its own state. The debate in the City Hall was a way for local citizens to express their views on the day-to-day activities and problems of their city. With the big revolution in beer making, controversies became commonplace at the city, town square and local bars. Since the inception of the government, the political debate has been a way for citizens to listen to candidates’ questions and policies and understand their personality. There are two aspects to every debate, though sometimes there is a neutral or insecure part. Usually, the moderator manages the problem and ensures that emotions are always under control. Sometimes there is a timepiece, but many moderators can also fulfil this task. The form of discussion can be extended to the digital world and sometimes to moderators, although they are not officially named. The debate is considered as an art that is quite helpful for the students. Not only it helps the students to overcome their stage phobia, but it also helps the audiences as it provides a lot of knowledge related to various subjects.

Debate Motions Types

There are various frameworks as per which the topic of debates could be categorised. There are three motions of debates as per one of the most classification system, and those motions are given below.

Fact Motions

Such debates have their emphasis mostly on the authenticity and truthiness of an element. It contains various factual descriptions related to the questions attached to the debate topic.

Value Motions

This motion emphasises upon the valuable nature of a thing or not. In this type of debate motion, the primary thing is to prerequisite the criteria as per which the assessment of the value can be carried out.

Policy Motions

Such motions lobby or propose for some individuals or actions which should be done to enhance the existing situation. During such motions, it is important for individuals to describe how and why these actions have been or might be enforced.

Advice to choose good topics for debate


The first important element of choosing a topic for debate is to analyse the interest of the individual itself. For instance, if the participant loves to debate over social topics, then he or she should choose a social topic and not a political one. Apart from the individual’s interest, it is also necessary to analyse the interest of the audience as it helps the individual to engage the audiences in an efficient manner.

Research is compulsory

No matter how good debater someone is, it is still necessary to undergo intense research as it helps the individuals to be more confident about the facts and figures related to their debate topic. The research will help you to easily interpret your thinking and support it with facts that will engage the audience towards you. This is considered as an important debate element.

Make Outline

You should always make an outline or some bullet points, and you should revise them before the debate competition starts. This will help you to maintain a strong grasp over the primary research elements of your debate topic.


Ask your teachers and friends to provide you feedbacks after you are done with your debates. Critically analyse the feedbacks and work upon them as it will help to improve your debate skills for the long run.

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