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How to Cope with Depression

How to Cope with Depression

How to Cope with Depression

Depression is a curable disease. It is totally normal to be depressed. You should first understand and make your mind that you are not okay, but it is not the end. Everything is going to be okay in the future. Eventually, you will stand on your feet with a healthy smile. Most of the students in their academic life face depression in different shapes. Some get bullied by their elders, and others get wistful because of their low grades and ultimately fail to help themselves. They got attacked by depression, which takes away their smile, laughter, and every happy moment. These students try to pretend that there is nothing wrong with them, but deep down, they inhale a poisonous feeling that keeps pulling them down with every breath they take. If you are also feeling low, do not worry! This blog will help you in coping with depression, and you will feel the real contentment again.   

In a recent survey, the Association for University and College Counselling Centre Directors, Anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students (41.6 per cent), followed by depression (36.4 per cent) and relationship problems (35.8 per cent). Among all the fields, the students of the Higher National Diploma (HND) are more depressed than others due to obscure assignments they are assigned by the professors. So, to prepare the perfectly-written HND assignments, the students usually look for online experts’ assistance. 

Make sure to practice the following skills daily, and it will help you fight depression. 

  • Find Happiness in Helping Others: Try to make a difference in this world. As Morgan Freeman said that, one random act of kindness at a time can change the world. It would help if you made others feel comfortable. Remember, the service does need to be big. You can start by exchanging smiles with random people in the busy market. Please take part in celebrations of people, appreciate and honour them. Always keep a positive attitude and keep greeting everyone with a smiling face. It will help you forget the problems. 
  • Set Goals, Keep Yourself Busy: It is neither easy nor difficult to overcome depression. All the fuss is happening in your mind; never leave the head empty. Keep it occupied with constructive ideas and thoughts. Try to be busy, so you do not have time to think about whatever was disturbing you. Set goals and plan to work for them. When you have a motive, you have the motivation, and among these productive actions, there is no room for depression.

 Always keep in mind that a goal is only workable if:

  1. It is something you can control (it doesn’t depend on others)
  2. It is manageable (not overwhelming)
  3. It is realistic for you (not for someone else)
  4. It is measurable (you know whether or not it is done or getting done)
  • Plan Refreshing Activities: When we talk about students, it is very easy for them to cope with depression by diverting their minds towards other recreational and social activities. You can plan to tour a city or a casual picnic. It is not necessary to wait for summers to have a picnic. Such activities keep your mind fresh and busy. Visit a place you have never been before, at least once in a year. You were not born to pay bills and die. Look around and explore nature. It has a lot to say, which would surely heal your wounded mental health. When you change your environment, your mind gets refreshed, and all the past gets wiped out from your head. Now, you have to focus on what is coming, not what has gone. The past is in the past!


  • Never Look Back, You Are Not Going That Way: You are not the only one in the world with a broken heart. Look around! There are people who have been through the worst. We all have something which does not let us sleep every night. But it does not mean that we should stop living and kill our motivation. We understand that some traumatic incidents can haunt you for your whole life and make you feel depressed in the middle of a conversation or a busy market, but there are ways! You should understand that whatever has happened had to happen. It is past now, and people who live in their past can never create a better future. Plan your future and leave your past in the past. We do not carry what is too heavy for us. The bad memories from the past are too heavy to be carried along in the future. They will always keep pulling you down until you put them off. So, you should look forward to the future and train your mind to see the best, even in the worst cases.
  • Food and Exercise: There is no specific food to take as a medicine for depression. But it can be a part of the whole treatment. Some studies say omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 may play a role with brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions. Similarly, different food leaves people with a different mood. Try to eat food which healthy and makes you feel happy but within limits. Unlimited access to anything, whether it is food or drink, can harm your health. 

Exercise is another important activity to kill depression. It makes you feel fresh and calms your mind. Do not worry! You don’t have to run a marathon. Just take a walk with a friend with positive energy. As time goes on, move more until you exercise on most days of the week. You’ll feel better physically, sleep better at night, and it will eventually boost your mood.

  • Make a Regular Sleep Schedule: Most of the students take the matter of sleeping lightly and follow irregular sleep schedules. It can harm your health, mentally and physically. Irregular sleeping pattern is also a symptom of depression. Suppose you spend hours a late night thinking about things that do not even matter and wake up late in the afternoon. There are chances that you will lose the motivation to do your routine work and interest in various things. So, try to sleep early and leave bed early in the morning. As they say, ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise.’ 

We hope that these few things will help you cope with the depression that is haunting you. We pray for your better mental health but make sure to follow these steps as you cannot even move a stone by words; actions are mandatory. 

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