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How To Write a Great Resume for Students?

Resume writing is a very challenging task, and it has been identified that the wrongly written resume can cause the student his or her whole college life. The entire professional life of the student is dependent on how the résumé is written. Writing resume is the creative task which needs the adequate analysis and the evaluation of the current skills and capabilities that you possess. A resume is the first impression that you leave on your employer; therefore, it is necessary to effectively write the resume that can land you into your desired job. Initially, it is suggested that the resume must be concise, clear and easy to read.

The Resume Goal

The main goal of the resume must be to show the employers why you are suitable for the job, you may possess significant knowledge and experience of the multiple workplaces but keep in mind that the HR manager has received hundreds of other resumes as well, and they do not have time to read the long paragraphs on the resume. Therefore, keep the resume to the point and focused, all the information that is required for the job your resume must possess it.

Brainstorming Session

Before writing the resume, make sure you are aware of all the goals and the hopes that you have for yourself. In addition to this, write down all your skills on the paper that you think you possess and will be helpful for you in your job that you are applying for. The session of brainstorming will allow you to reach the conclusion and explore the areas where you are good at. While writing your current resume, make sure it is different from the previous resume, and you are not missing out any key pieces of the experiences that you have. In case you do not have any resume make sure you start with the basic timeline. During your brainstorming session, make sure to write everything that you have accomplished every year. From there, you can skim down all the specific skills and the experiences that are needed for the job.

Information Inclusion

Contact Information

While you are writing your resume, make sure you are putting in all the correct information such as your full name, the email address, phone number, social profiles and the physical address as well. Put in current information as it will make it easier for the employer to reach you. In case of the incorrect information, the employers will have a bad impression of you, and you are most likely to be rejected on the initial phase.


Be sure of putting in right and attractive objective in your resume that can catch the attention of the employers and impress them. Your objective must be simple and concise that is in terms of your job and career. It is one small statement, but it has a huge impact on the employer because of its powerful punch.


Include all the required educational information in the resume, and you are required to make sure that you have included all your school, college and the university information along with the results that you have attained. In addition to this, it can be beneficial for you to add extracurricular activities if you have taken part in any during your school and college life. Multiple skills are attained during the college and the school life you have the option to include such qualities in your resume to make it more attractive.

Work Experience

Include all the work experiences that you have had in your life; it includes all the volunteer experience and the other experiences that you have had along with your university and the college studies. Furthermore, you can add the freelance work experience as well in your work experience session of the resume.

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