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how to write research questions

Know How to Formulate A Dissertation Research Question

Research question

Research questions are the primary theme around which the whole dissertation or your research is carried out. Research question should be clear enough that everyone should understand the motive behind it without requiring an additional description. In addition to that, it should focus on the main topic upon which you are conducting your research. Moreover, the research question should not be wordy but as concise as possible. The research question should be arguable and should be open to debate in order to catch the audience’s attention. The research question is considered to be the heart of a research article, paper or thesis.


The research question that you are going to work upon should be related to the area of your interest and the discipline you have been studying into. For instance, a research paper question related to engineering discipline would be different from the one used by the management students. Therefore, while developing your research question, it is important that you should keep in mind the major subjects of your field so that such question could help you to analyse your skills as per the requirements of your field.

Examples of research questions

Importance of the research question

Research questions are important as it assists the writers to emphasise their research by providing them with an appropriate research path. A well-developed question could help the writer in the inclusion and exclusion criteria that is what the writer should include and exclude during their research process.

Formulating a research paper question

  • It is important that the topic of your research question should be interesting in order to attract the students and audiences of that particular field. The chosen topic should be broad enough so that individuals could extract healthy knowledge from it. For instance, a general topic can be like “Is Feminism good or bad”?


  • It is important that writers should conduct various researches before finalising their research proposal question so that they should know that there is enough material available for them to work upon. Researches could be helpful in narrowing down the focus of the research and modifying the already present research article or journal.


  • The writer should be aware of the audiences they want to target or attract. Mostly for the college research papers, such audiences are referred to as academic but knowing the interests of audiences could be helpful in narrowing down the topics and focusing upon broader areas.


  • It is better for the writer to note down various questions and to analyse them one by one as it will help them to identify their interest and they can select the question that they think is broader enough for large audiences. Moreover, the writer should research those different questions in order to narrow down the research and to select the perfect research dissertation question.


  • The research question should be clear enough so that everyone can understand it. The clarity in research question paves the way for writer and helps them to research effectively, resulting in a much productive research paper. In addition to that, your dissertation research question should focus on the primary elements of your research.


  • After analysing and selecting the research question, you should know the search strategies that can be helpful in guiding you throughout the research. Writers should be aware of the sources and online sites that can be helpful in answering their research paper question. In addition to that, they should be aware of the keywords that can be helpful while answering their research questions.


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