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Mood Booster: 9 Foods That Can Really Improve Your Mood

Are you feeling down? Are you going to eat something sugary or high calories to change your mood? Stop! You need to read this paper to get enough information about relevant research work on how healthy food can swing your mood with appropriate consumption. Research says that nutrition and mental health has an incredible connection to influence your feelings and spirit.

On the other hand, mood disorders, poor sleep pattern, lack of nutrition, certain vitamin deficiencies, over and under-eating pattern, nausea and anxiety can affect your spirit profoundly. You must pay attention to cure it efficiently and intellectually. Here, we are going to discuss some practical and useful healthy foods that make you feel better, to overcome your depression, to uplift your mood, to balance your sugar level, to reduce anaemia and fatigue, and to provide you peace of mind during a hectic routine. This antidepressant healthy foods for mental health issue inefficient way.

1) Fatty fish good high mood food

Are you depressed? Have Omega-3 fatty acid. Your body is unable to produce Omega-3 fatty acids, so eat fatty fish to reduce depression. This type of body and mind nutrition foods that boost mood and make you feel relax. For this purpose salmon, mackerel, trout sardines and albacore tuna would be the best options to release your depression quickly. It does not help to develop brain but also assists in cell signalling through fish oil consumption inappropriate amount. The dose can differ according to age and deficiency level but at the average experts recommend at least 250-500mg of EPA and DHA in a day to adults. This is not only antidepressant medication but also play a role to reduce your 20% anxiety instantly.

2) Dark chocolate

Are you in a bad mood due to unpleasant event? Take a deep breath, have some chocolate. Why? Because it keeps the cascade compound to make you feel good. For instance, it has caffeine, theobromine and N-acylethanolamine to improvise your spirit quickly. It is not only a quick source to alter your feelings instantly but also keep abundant compounds to trigger your psychological pattern after eating it. It has health-promoting flavonoids to increase the blood flow towards the brain to reduce the inflammation and uplift the mood regulation. Dark chocolate can drive your lousy mood into enthusiastic through its taste, texture and of course, smell. Just try it!

3) Fermented food

Gut and mental health have a bidirectional connection. Because your body produces 90% of the serotonin in your stomach. They keep putative health benefits through microbial fermentation. This process helps bacteria to live in food and convert sugar into alcohol, milk into yogurt etc. It improves gut health and mood as well. Contrary, not all fermented food is a good source of probiotics like beer, some pieces of bread, wine. It affects stress level, mood condition, level of appetite, and sexual functions by serotonin. Just low your depression and rate of anxiety through these healthy foods to eat UK.

4) Banana mood enhancer

Every type of banana keeps different properties and benefits, but green on the peel is an excellent source of prebiotics to produce healthy bacteria in your gut. A considerable number of microbiome means fewer mood disorders. Banana is the most significant source of vitamin B6 which produce serotonin (a mood changer). A large banana (136grams) is enough to provide 3.5 grams of fiber to stabilize your blood sugar level. Blood sugar level profoundly affects the mood so eat one large banana to overcome the workload anxieties and relevant problems.

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5) Oats mood swings

It is not only a great source of fiber which help your gut to digest carbs but also assist it in releasing an appropriate amount of sugar into the bloodstream. This helps you to keep your energy level balanced the whole day. You can consume it in different ways such as overnight, oatmeal, muesli and granola. Appropriate consumption (1.5-6) grams can give you enough fiber to keep you an active and enthusiastic whole day. It not only overcome the irritability and mood swings but also provide abundant iron to fulfil your blood need. Anaemia can lead you towards fatigue, mood disorders, headache and sluggishness as well.

6) Blue Berries improve mood

Blue barriers are known as instant mood changer and fighter against anthocyanins. These can swing your mood just within two hours. It has flavonoids and phytonutrients in a plentiful amount to improve mental health. Research shows that wild blue barriers pose instant change in moods such as joy, interest and alterness. These barriers keep a massive range of antioxidants and phenolic elements to combat stress. But fresh barries to experience pleasant results than a frozen one.

7) Nuts and seeds

Almonds, cashew, peanuts and walnuts are the most significant source to have healthy fats and fibers. They provide tryptophan and amino acid, which elevates your energy level and mental state. Similarly, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds are an excellent source to trigger your mood, to support the health of the brain and to assist healthy lifestyle. Research says that moderate and regular consumption of these seeds and nuts can lower 23% of the depression. Mood depends on the balance amount of zinc and selenium because deficiency of these minerals can lead you towards improper brain functions and foods to help anxiety.

8) Coffee mood booster

According to research, a moderate dose of caffeine can improve your hedonic tone, reduce anxiety, limit depression, improve alterness and overcome mental health challenges. A compound is naming adenosine presence increase alterness, attention and tiredness through world popular drink. Coffee can swing mood either caffeinated or decaffeinated.

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9) Beans and lentils are mood-boosting foods

If there is question in your mind that how to improve mood via foods? Then the answer is you can improve your mood with the help of B vitamins. Beans and lentils are considered a rich source to have plant-based protein and fiber to have enough nutrients. They are rich with serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) to regulate your mood accordingly. These neurotransmitters can suddenly give you a pleasant experience after having an appropriate amount. Because they are the most significant source to gain a plentiful amount of zinc, magnesium, selenium and non-heme iron which can resultantly uplift your mood and mental health quickly.



Depression and anxiety not only increase the number of disease and mental disorders but also pose a severe threat to an individual’s daily life. You do not have to intake multiple medicines and visit doctors, just have above mentioned healthy food and mood to get surprising results without ant health risk. These foods work as antidepressants.


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