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google docs tips for teachers

Reasons Why Teachers Should Know The Google Docs

Google Docs is more popular and feasible during this unprecedented scenario of a pandemic. It is assisting teachers and students in keeping in touch during a lockdown. They cannot only connect to continue the educational process but also can learn new things while using diversified social platforms. Here we are going to share some useful features and tips to make them practical for teachers.

1) How to Create a Copy

Firstly, the teacher should have the skill to make a copy of the file. It is a requirement. First, open the file in your browser. It could be Google doc., slide, drawing or sheet. You may see a file menu there. Select it to create a copy of the file. After witnessing a popup, name the particular file. You will see the Google Drive option, click on the desired folder, new folder, or you can shift it to elsewhere. In terms of copying your file, two checkboxes option will appear in front of you. Here you have multiple choices. You can share the particular file or document and comments as well with the help of copying feature.

2) How to Force a Copy

You can force users to make a copy by hacking the URL. This is crucial to create a copy of Google docs, sheets, slides or drawings. You cannot only share it with your students but also suggest them to make it on their own. For example, you can guide them about Google classroom or Doctopus for this purpose. Similarly, you can distribute the copy to them with this as well.

Do you want to know the procedure? Here are some steps to force a copy. Ensue it first that you have shared your document or file with a link. It is essential to force a copy trick. You can share it with the public or with specific. When you share it with a particular person, you may receive a notification. They will be able to see or ignore. First open the document, slide, sheet etc. a link will appear at the end in the search box. Go to the ring and replace edit word with a copy. Just copy-paste this new link.

3) How to Create a Template Link

Why should we learn to make a template? It makes life easier. As a teacher, you can get unlimited benefits from it. Make new and useful copies of G Suite files and templates to improvise your standard as an educator. Assignment writing service also elaborates and offer valuable tips in this regard.

First convert word edit into a template to shift a Doc, Sheet, Slide or drawing into template link. Press the enter button. The preview window will appear in front of you. Now hit the template option. The primary aim is to create a template is to increase the number of sharing. So it must be viewable. After clicking the template button, the file will shift into drive. This is just for laptop or desktop rather mobile devices.

4) How to Use Voice Typing Feature

Google Docs has introduced a fantastic feature of voice typing. This feature can convert your speech into text. This is not only a piece of good news for physically challenged people, but all can take huge advantages in a deadly busy routine as well. You just need to have microphones in your devices to feel the magical pleasure of this feature.

Similarly, you can dictate the number of pages in minimum time. For instance, you can dictate words, lists and writing, even formatting, punctuation and editing. Is it not amazing! Want more? You can dictate it in other languages as well!!! Just turn on your microphone. Click on the voice typing option in the document. Speak clearly. Hit the microphone option again after completing your dictation.

5) How to Insert GIF

Do you know that the GIFs are ruling in the world of social media? Do not you know what the GIF is? It is the collection of moving pictures, kind of video but not video. The demands of the world keep changing. A person needs to accept and adopt the change to be in the game. For this purpose, you need to choose animation in teaching as well.

It not only increases engagement while teaching but leaves profound impacts on the learning process. Moreover, it adds humour and emotional connection with the topic. Make the most of advanced search filter to find GIFs in Google images. First, visit images.google.com to find relatable one. Hit the search tool button. Select the option of animated. Right-click to copy after locating URL of the GIF. Press the select button to insert the image.

6) How to Cite Sources

It is not a dream. Yeah. You can cite the sources without leaving Google Docs. You just need to know about the Explore tool in Google Docs. First, go tool or just hit the explore icon on the bottom right. Then, find your query in searching option. Then, hit on the quotation at the very top right of the result. Resultantly, you will find a footnote citation at the bottom of your document. Besides, if you want to change the citation format, just go to three dots for converting MLA, APA or Chicago. It is not that much tricky now with the help of Google Docs.

7) How to Edit Images

Have you ever experienced the editing of the pictures inside the Google Docs and slides? No. With the help of a few clicks, you are adding more efficiency in your lecture. You cannot only resize the images but also shape it according to your desire. First, click o0n the icon and drag the blue handles according to your need. For the proportion ration, you have to hold the shift key to look out of proportion.

Similarly, cropping skills are also essential to show a particular part of the image than a useless one. First, double click the image. Do not just one click, because, the blue handle will appear then. After double-clicking, drag the black cropping bars for cropping the selected image. After choosing the area, press enters key or hit the crop button on the toolbar.

Similarly, you can add border also. Why? Because it gives more apparent to a particular image. Your viewer attracts more towards the picture because of borders. First, select the image. Go to the drop-down to select the desired colour for the border. One tool offers weight whereas another dots or dashes for the border.


Google Docs is not only a useful word processing tool but also provide more capabilities to increase the value of educator in the educational process. You can share documents and collaborate with others while sharing their magical features. It makes the challenging and complex lecture easy and enchanting for the viewers. Moreover, it saves time and improvises effectiveness through the features mentioned above.


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