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how to avoid plagiarism

Ten Jaw-Dropping Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Do you know the exhibition of someone’s ideas, thoughts, expressions, and language without his permission is an offense? It is stealing on someone’s content or uses it without crediting the real source.  It is not only academic dishonesty but also contrary to journalistic ethics. It can lead you towards serious trouble but also leave harmful impacts on your career. For instance, getting F grade, suspended from an academy, or expelled after found guilty.

I can understand that the demand for an extensive word limit in your assignment can lead you towards plagiarism.  But, plagiarism is not allowed in any form, accidental or intentional. Copy from one’s work without mention proper citation or quotation in a type of deliberate plagiarism, a serious one. On the other hand, the usage of previous self-made work in a new academic year without the teacher’s permission is self-plagiarism. Similarly, if a student forgets to mention cite of source, quotation, or write wrong author name due to negligence, called accidental plagiarism.

1)  Do work timely

Time is money. Do not bother yourself to write an assignment or collect data abruptly. Do all with proper planning and in an organized way. So that you can get sufficient time for extensive research for your paper. You may get a huge time to search multiple sources for diversified ideas as well. Haste indeed makes waste. Because if you write content in a rush, the chances of mistakes will increase automatically. Focus on your content to make it more useful and eye-catching on your own.

2) Cite your sources

It is essential to mention your cite in your assignment. It not only increase the worth of your paper but also exhibit the authentication of your work. Due to the mention of the cite, you can secure high marks and aggravate the standard of your research. Because sometimes you want to do the right work, but it appears wrong suddenly, due to the absence of citation. It could be your negligence. So to avoid the offense of plagiarism, always quote it.

3) Proofread the content

Proofreading is a tool to minimize the errors before exhibiting the work in public. Moreover, you can get plagiarism free content with the help of the proofreading step. Every responsible and renowned writer must follow this step to make his content useful, original, and thought-provoking. You must not skip the scan of your paper and mention sources to avoid plagiarism.

4) Mention quotes

You can avoid plagiarism by quoting the name of a real source in your article. It is not only a safe track but also keeps your standard balance in the writer’s world. Because due to quote the references, it could not consider an offense. No one can accuse you due to provide the quote in your paper.

5) Adopt paraphrase technique

I can understand that you cannot write an extensive word limit on your own. There is a way to have researched and authentic material without plagiarism. You can use others’ work by paraphrasing techniques. It means to rewrite the same ideas differently. It does not intend to replace the words with synonyms, but you have to change the whole sentence while keeping its real spirit.

6) Put your insight

Do not wholly use the content of the searched source, but add some value it in. Put your insight, your perception, and idea about the topic. Because it not only adds worth in your content and increase your follower but also help you to get high grades. Moreover, it aggravates the level of your understanding of the topic so that you can create it accordingly. You can take advantage of multiple sites to fabricate your stance.

7) Appreciate plagiarism checker

It plays a vital role in increasing awareness about the percentage of plagiarism in your content. You cannot only reduce the percentage by checking online but also can get it free. Multiple online platforms offer plagiarism free academic services, For instance, Cheap Assignment Writing Service provider. Moreover, you can avoid plagiarism after scanning your content through any plagiarism checker. It does not take much time but increase the worth of your paper.

8) Provide references

If you want to avoid the offense of plagiarism n your work, provide references at the end of your content. It will take no time to add a list of references in your paper but make the reader realize about your honesty. It is a kind of deceive, not to provide the reference of the actual source. You can add references while writing the paper to minimize the chances of missing an essential one.

9) Take guidance to the teacher

If you do not want to waste your time and energy while extensive searching, just ask. Questions can lead towards the right path and direct you towards the destination. Ask your teacher about his requirements and demands related to the assignment. Because if he does not want references and citations in the paper, we can secure our energy and precious time.

10) Explore diversified sources

Utilize multiple websites to get rich content with citations. Similarly, you can get different ideas to build your perspective on a particular topic as well.


Plagiarism is a serious offense. You cannot just take another’s words, ideas, and points without asking or quoting the reference. You can rephrase but not steal. Create your perception and real content by paying attention to the tips mentioned above. Moreover, it will help a lot to uplift the grades as well.

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