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Top 5 Technology Trends in 2020

To Work In An Industry, You Must Acknowledge These 5 Technology Trends

Technology is not only advancing to make our life easier but also it requires us to adapt it. With a new technological trend to follow every year, people are also upgrading and updating their knowledge and skills with it. If you are a keen observer of the latest trends in technology and follow it in the news, then you might already know that it is changing everything in our life. From education to banking, healthcare to commerce, the entire facade of our world has evolved entirely. Also, they are becoming more popular and better. Even the way we communicate and interact with other people is no longer similar to the way we did in the past. Even our career choices get affected by our level of knowledge with these technological tools and trends. If you want to work in an industry, you must be aware of these five technological trends to start:


1) The Internet of Things Technology or IoT:

This piece of technology has been successful from the beginning. The reach of IoT is enormous, and it has invaded the office atmosphere as the need for control is the greatest there. In the past few years, it has emerged on a vast level and is still advancing continuously. The main idea of this technology revolves around connecting devices that have WiFi together and monitoring them from a distance. It has successfully connected our physical world with the virtual one. In the commerce and marketing sector, it can assist the developers in finding out how their devices are under the use of users. The performance and the data revolving it is easier to grab. Also, it can allow them to make things better for them. In short, they aim for maximum productivity and optimization.

Industrial Effect:

Many business firms are adopting IoT. It is also playing a great part in changing the business models that were in use.

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2) Machine Learning:

It is a popular trend in technology today and has surrounded us. From our smartphone chatbots and virtual assistants to proper robots, everything is an outcome of machine learning. It is quite interesting because it works by allowing a machine or a computer to learn by keeping track of repetitive tasks and following the patterns in it. It can evaluate the data and use it to form answers to the human query. Even social networking platforms use machine learning in their platform. The algorithm behind those sides uses your data about the things that you liked and showed interest in and serving you with such content more often.

Industrial Effect:

From the influence in our life interactions to changing the commercial world experience, Machine learning has excelled dramatically. The customer experience has enhanced and improved by catering to the needs in a better way by using and analyzing data from this technology. The interaction and the communication channel between a business and a customer have attained a new shape through it. Also, large firms and popular industries have brought this technology to the mobile world as well. Hence, while trying to fit into an industrial environment, one must be aware of this system.


3) The Advent Of Virtual Reality:

There was a time when we used to watch movies and fantasize about technology similar to Virtual Reality. Our minds were both fascinated and allured by the existence of such a possibility, and it always sounded cool if it were real. But now, we are on the edge of witnessing the Virtual Reality invading our lives in every sector and niche. It has been around for quite a while. But since it is quite complex, the delivery was not up to the mark, but soon we are likely to witness some fantastic changes in it. With it, we will immerse ourselves in a digital experience that we were hoping to get for a long time. The impacts of it are on both hardware and software platforms. Also, the effects are all around us is each sector, including industry, gaming, and even education. Our My Assignment Help Experts did a massive research on Virtual Reality according to IEEE standards.

Industrial Effect:

The first implementation of VR, which gained extreme popularity was in the gaming community. By using it in video games, the experience and engagement have uplifted to another level and is still growing in this sector. But in the commercial sector, it is soon to enhance the experience for customers as well. It is not only an advancement but a tool that is in use in almost every field. Even the educational department has adopted it to provide a better learning experience for young learners.

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4) Touch Commerce:

Online shopping is the norm in today’s world. Especially with the lockdown scenario, we are getting used to buying things with a single touch. Our screens are no longer just screens. Instead, they have upgraded to a virtual platform that you can use for almost everything. If we rewind to only a few years back, we will notice how it all sounded surreal. But now it has become our reality. The touchscreen technology in tablets and smartphones enabled touch commerce by combining itself with the one-click-shopping experience. All one has to do is to fill up his personal information, and the items will get delivered on their doorstep. It is a massive evolution of the commercial world.

Industrial Effect:

As we all know that it is a critical factor of the eCommerce industry today, it is quite essential to get familiar with this technology before you try to indulge in a sector yourself.


5) Cognitive Technology:

It is a vast concept of a piece of technology that focuses on combining two or more technical ideas and optimize productivity in the world. It also uses patterns to automate various functions. We can apply it to multiple niches.

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Industrial Effect:

The range of technologies that are under the application of Cognitive technology is quite broad. The software niche has the most influence over it of this technology. It also enables analyzing data in an automated form.


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