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Top 10 Apps in 2020 For Groups Chats While Working Remotely

Well, this year is all about working remotely. And there is no disagreement to the fact that usually, emails are the best formal means of communication for work-related talks. But as remote working environments have become a norm, emails are not as useful now. Instead, there is a need for team collaboration, even on a remote basis. Hence, multiple platforms promote group chats for the employees to enhance their working atmosphere. They can save a lot of trouble for you. But with the vast availability of such Best Team Chat Apps and platforms, picking the best one which is suitable for your use is quite necessary.

google hangouts group chat

1) Hangouts Chat:

It is an app associated with the Google family. It provides easy passage for communication without much effort, and the screen-sharing feature is a plus. It is among the best tools for collaboration across the world with its characteristics.

Main Specifications:

  • easy screen-sharing
  • control and monitor as administrator
  • support multiple devices
  • HD video conferencing and calls.
  • affordable rates

slack team chat

2) Slack:

It is a famous app for team interaction. Even the conversational topics in this app are in an organized manner. Along with group chats it permits individual messaging, which is sometimes necessary. Moreover, you can create Threads of conversations to track in your communication channel. This style is similar to some other apps too, which makes sure that it is easy-to-use. Furthermore, the Slackbot helps you out with the usage of the app. It is one of the top recommended apps.

Main Features:

  • integrates with other apps and tools
  • easy to upload files
  • compatibility with multiple devices
  • friendly interface
  • manages workflow
  • automated and quick notifications
  • affordable pricing

connecteam best app

3) Connecteam – Best Team Chat App:

As the name suggests, it is an easy way to connect with your work team remotely and has an efficient management system. Accessing history, chats, notifications, posts and much more, is not an issue with this app. It is quite a good one if you are looking for a secure app. Also, its sole focus is to increase productivity among workers.

Key Specifications:

  • quick updates
  • chats and dialogue boxes both group and individual
  • directories for employees
  • allows feedback
  • a reasonable pricing
  • support multiple platforms

proofhub group chat

4) The ProofHub Platform:

It is a platform for team interaction and gathers all the team members at a single place. It is a very suitable platform to have a group chat and make it more effective. It also has the feature to mention members for some specific messages to draw attention. It is an effective way to communicate in remote scenarios.

Key Specifications:

  • clear chats
  • group chats for collaborations
  • easy for discussions
  • mentioning team members
  • enough storage space
  • supports multiple platforms
  • affordable

rocket chat app for online meeting

5) Rocket Chat:

An open-source app to make the interaction more accessible, Rocket.chat even enables file sharing. You do not need to move to a different platform to share project associated work. It is even in recommendations by healthcare management assignment help. Group chats and audio/video calls are there for you. You can further make additions to its functions if the need arises.

Main Features:

  • discussions made easy
  • sharing files
  • transparent use for admin
  • restricted user-name
  • available for a free plan
  • affordable rate for the pro version

chanty group chat app

6) Chanty Software:

The ease and comfort that this software enables are exceptional. Its easy-to-use interface makes it quite user-friendly. It is an AI-based app which makes collaboration more natural and better. Whether you want audio calls, video conferences, or screen-sharing, you can do all of it at Chanty. You can also assign tasks through it, which helps in project management. Furthermore, it allows integration with some popular software.

Key Specifications:

  • threads for chatting
  • unlimited message history for free
  • team books
  • enables chat, video, and audio
  • open plan for a 10-member team
  • feasible pricing for large businesses
  • supports iOs, Android, and Web

troop messenger chat

7) Troop Messenger:

An organization can gather with Troop Messenger and interact on an interface effectively. It works for a single conversation as well as screen sharing and video conferences. To add to its perks, it even offers file sharing to teams. The numerous features of this platform work together to enhance the functionality and to provide quality service to the users. If you feel the need to share some ideas with your remote team, then this platform is your call.

Key Features:

  • suggestions to admin by users
  • reading missed discussions
  • send texts and attachments to one or more users
  • customizable controls for administrative monitoring
  • admin dashboard
  • Free plan available

microsoft teams online chat app

8) Microsoft Teams:

With various tools to enhance your team collaboration, Microsoft Teams will be a wise decision for organizations relying on Microsoft Tools. To stay in touch with your co-workers, it is very suitable. The basic features are all there from individual messaging to group chats. It even has a Slack feel to allow you to arrange your conversations. Plus the integration with Microsoft apps is quite apparent from the name.

Key Features:

  • chats, audio, and video conversations
  • free version available
  • the premium version is affordable
  • compatibility with almost all platforms

workplace from facebook

9) Workplace By Facebook:

It is among the most fantastic tools for collaboration between work teams. The entire communication model has enhanced efficiently with this Facebook collaboration access. It can even host live chats among groups.

Main Features:

  • live video chat
  • video conferences and calls
  • limitless storage for data and images
  • a safe route
  • Free version available
  • Feasible paid version

twist online team chat

10) Twist:

Most companies use it as an alternate app for Slack. The real-time conversations and interaction is a priority for this app. It enables a somewhat similar experience of WhatsApp for those who prefer it. It only notifies you of the things when you open the app so its less pressure for the employees. Also, it does not allow integration with regular work apps.

Main Features:

  • a Slack alternative
  • compatible with multiple platforms
  • free for limited integrations
  • the paid plan is affordable


Summing It Up:

In short, the Working From Home is now easier and more effective for all the companies in a remote environment. Choose the one which is the best suitable for your company and enjoy easy access for the working groups.

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