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best student cities in UK

Top 6 Student Cities in the United Kingdom

University life is not as easy as it sounds, you do have complete freedom your parents are not always there with you to monitor you, but at times it becomes extremely exhausting that you look for the way out of it. Becoming a university student means you have to be ready for a lot of responsibilities. You will not only be ready for your education but for your daily expenses as well. Nevertheless, the main issue that an individual comes across is to find the best university for themselves. While looking out for university, a student is not only required to look for the best schooling, but there are many other aspects too that must be taken into consideration such as the neighbourhood and the availability of the other fun places nearby as well. Write My Assignment Service provides you with the best UK students’ cities to make it easier for you to choose a university.

1) London

I mean, I don’t even have to get started on it, do I? Whatever you are looking for, London has it all. London does not only have a huge number of the best UK universities, but it also offers its students a huge number of the libraries as well. The libraries, the culture, people of London are the best attraction for the new students from all over the world. It is so culturally bound with the availability of different cultures, music, sports which results in creating a perfect balance for the students between their academic studies and the personal life as well. However, it is not a cheap country; therefore, you will have to be financially smart if you are planning to live and study there.

2) Bristol

If you love the fast life of London, but it is too much for you then trust me, Bristol is your place to be. It is the magnet for the new students because of its generally warm climate. Not only that it does have many other picnic points too, to provide the students that are short on budget a cheap and better vacation spot. Bristol people are known for their friendly and easy-going nature. Therefore, they welcome the international students with an open heart and students prefer places where they are accepted for who they are and not judged for it at all. No wonder, Bristol was voted to be the best students’ city of UK in 2015.

3) Oxford

I mean it is a dream place for very students; being an oxford student is too much on its own. Despite being the dream place for the students, there are only a few students who manage to reach there and study there. However, we cannot guarantee you good grades there as there are many distraction options there. Nevertheless, apart from the availability of the party places, this place is also surrounded by academic history as well that helps in improving the students’ relevant knowledge.

4) Manchester

Manchester is known for its exceptional music and sports as it can easily give tough competition to the other top cities of the UK such as Oxford and London. Along with that, it is not only the fun place it is one of the UK cities that caters the huge students’ population mainly in Europe only. Manchester University also has the biggest number of winners of Nobel Prizes all over the UK. I guess this is one of the best reason to choose Manchester over all the other cities.

5) Edinburgh

One can brag about all the greeneries that Edinburgh has along with the dead volcano and the city centre as well. But this is not it, and the Edinburg University is one of the most famous university all over the world. Along with that, it is not one of the boring universities, but annually it also caters many international events as well. Despite the harsh weather that most of the UK cities offer, the weather in Edinburg is to die for literally as it offers a similar amount of rainfall as the New York City or Rome offers.

6) Glasgow

It is one of the leading cities of Britain, particularly in the cultural aspect, the research aspect of the trade as well. Moreover, it is also famous for its musical heritage along with the known sports club as well. In most of the cities of the UK, this city is observed to have a huge diversity with regards to the culture as it is chosen by many other international students from all over the world.  This place is the best place for students to meet people from different cultures. From all over the world, Glasgow is ranked 34th by the students.

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