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Top Inspirational Movies for Students

There are various movies and films that have been made on the topic of college life and school life concentrating on students, their behaviours and acts during their academic life so they can watch all of these films that make you think. Here are ten of the best inspirational new English movies that are based on students and their academic life.

Freedom Writers Movie

1.     Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers is regarded as the ideal motivational film for all the students who are facing issues and challenges during their school life. The story is based on a young educator who inspires the students to pursue higher education. This movie guides you to focus on your life objectives and achieve them with the help of education.

The Blind Side Movie

2.     The Blind Side

Blind Side was based on a true story that was inspired by Michael Oher, who was provided with opportunities he never dreamed of. For all the students out there, this movie based on benevolence and anticipation will help you increase your motivational level. The main thing about this movie is that all the characters in the uplifting films are seeking to achieve something eloquent in their lives in order to contribute to society.
Legally Blonde Movie

3.     Legally Blonde

Legally blonde is another best picture in the list of best motivational movies that is inspired by study montage because it is one of the blockbuster from inspirational films, which exhibits that working hard ultimately pays off. This movie allows you to seek the extra potential that you have that can help you stand out among your peers. In the movie, the lead actress, Elle Wood, figures out how she can stand out among other students in Harvard College irrespective of her inabilities.

Dead Poet’s Society Movie

4.     The Social Network

This movie is based on the real-life of the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. This biographical drama film outlooks for the extraordinary journey of Harvard student that how he become one of the leading moneymakers in the world. This movie is definitely an inspiring films for all students like Business Movies that how they could work hard and attain their dream desires. The movie outlines that in some cases, you have to take some risks in order to progress and proceed in your life.

stand and deliver movie

5.     Stand and Deliver

Stand and deliver is the story of an optimistic teacher of maths who empowers his students with the help of various unconventional and alternative teaching styles. The teacher encourages his students with the help of different methods to develop their learning skills as well as boosts their confidence level. Most of these movies are related to British Prison Films and in this movie portrays how the educator helps the students to excel in their academics by overcoming the social issues faced by the students.

3 Idiots movie

6.     3 Idiots

Three idiots are the story of three students who joined the Elite Engineering College and learn various life lessons. This rom-com movie also outlines the issues that are faced by students during engineering life and how these three characters cope with the barriers and challenges faced during college life. This motivational film outlook for the reason why you are learning and what you have to do in order to achieve your dream goals.

Dead Poet’s Society

7.     Dead Poet’s Society

This is the story of a boy who is forced to fulfil the dreams and expectations of his parents. In this story, he is forced to study in a strict school setting, and this movie is an outstanding pick-me-up for all the students who are seeking to recall why they tailed their fondness for education to improve their lifestyles and to contribute towards the society in changing the world.

The Great Debaters Movie

8.     The Great Debaters

This is one of the stories that will surely help you lift your spirit towards study. The movie is based on the real-life story of Melvin B. Tolson, who inspired his students to challenge and compete with one of the most recognised institutes, Harvard in different debate competitions. The movie is a complete motivation and courage for all the students that with the help of immense dedication, you can beat the best institute in the world. Students should watch this film and all the pictures which are related to films like focus.

lean on me movie

9.     Lean on Me

Lean on Me is based on a teacher, and this is a true story where he returns to the high school from which he had been fired as the principal. The school is at risk of being taken over by the government if the students are unable to increase their test scores. The movie outlooks for involvement in different activities such as crimes and drugs. The principal plays a vital role in rebuilding the image and integrity of the college by taking strict actions by watching best biography movies. The movie is a motivation for all the students to focus on their studies in order to progress in their educational careers.

i am kalam movie

10.  I Am Kalam

The film is about child belonging to a deprived background. This story is based on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who was the former president of India. The child aims to grow up as a respectable and well thought of person just like Dr Abdul Kalam.


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