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turn weakness into strength

How to Turn Your Weakness into Strength

In this world, nothing is perfect; everything has some advantages and flaws. No one can have everything and every skill of this world to flourish in this life. A person can never have money, peace, health and energy to enjoy life all the time. As this is an imperfect world, people are great at something, good at something and suck at something. Hundreds of thousands of people have weaknesses and no matter what, no one is perfect at everything. But if they need to succeed in life, they have to make changes in them. Recognise your weaknesses, try to work on it and made it your greatest strengths.

Recognition of Weaknesses

Every human being in this world have some weaknesses some are veiled, and some are prominent which can be easily recognised. But most people hide their weakness and don’t work on it. If you don’t accept your weakness, you will not be able to make any changes in it. For example, one of the most prominent weakness is inconsistency. I want to make changes in my physic and decide to join a fitness centre. But due to my inconsistency, I could not be able to make any change in myself. After recognising my weakness, I try to overcome that and put more efforts to turn it into strength. The first step of everything is very tough, but it will make the path which is easy to follow.

Hidden strengths in weakness

The main task after recognising the weakness is to turn it into strengths. By making weakness, your biggest weapon can depend on how you view your weakness. Every greatest leader that have ruled on the world see their weaknesses from a different point of view. Every weakness has a hidden strength that needs to address by the person and work on it. Such as weaknesses like; inconsistent, impatient, indecisive, and stubborn have hidden strengths which are bendable, passionate, open-minded and determined.

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Assistance from someone trustworthy

Human beings need constant support and guidance from their loved ones. They neglect to work on their weaknesses and try to hide it. But assistance from trustworthy people will help to detect weakness, work on it and convert it into their strengths. I have a conflict with my roommate about some money, as I have blindly trusted them, and they betrayed me. I like to share everything with my roommate, but they took my money without my permission. They cheated me, and I don’t understand how to confront them as I was hesitant. I took advice from my brother, and he told me to be straight forward. His assistance helps me to overcome my weakness and by which I took my money back.
Appoint the skills

A person cannot have all the skills of the world, and some of them are not even good at it. So it’s better to appoint a person who can fulfil the need you are looking for. For example, if you have a car and it is broken, you do not fix it on your own. Instead, you need to appoint a mechanic who has the appropriate skills and tools to fix your car. This will save your time and energy, and on the compensation, you will need to pay him. In-office, CEO do not perform all the task on his/her own, but he/she appointed several people to work for him/her. It helps to enhance the trusting skill of a person. As they empower their employee and fully trust them.

Making most of it

You cannot perform all task perfectly; some of them are not your cup of tea. Some people are good at singing but not in dancing, some are good in math but sucks in science. Instead of making excuses, you need to put extra efforts, money and time to enhance your desired quality. The consistent and patency of a person develop and improve their skills. The key to success is your hard work and time. If you put more time and hard work in something, there are more chances of success. By sufficient time and hard work, you can make most of anything you like.
Try to help others

Every person has a deficiency in some areas, which can overcome by helping others. Employers need some skilful employees who can work for them, so do employees need reliable and helpful employers who can allow them to grow. In this world, you cannot do all the things on your own. So lookout for a perfect person who can help you, and you can help them as well. Sometimes people weakness can combine, which would lead to a better overcome.


Human being has some flaws and weaknesses; instead of making changes, it’s better to accept it and make a firm grip on your strengths. You can easily look at your strengths into your weakness and work on it to make your life better.

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