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What Occurred When Professor is Absent

Students and teachers have an integral relation. Teachers motivate them, help them to pursue their objectives of life, put effort into making them a better person, and a good citizen. Focus on their cognitive and emotional intelligence first, then design an accurate strategy for it’s the best usage. No one can observe the nurture of students without the presence of a teacher, but if we visualize the situation where no teacher is available on planet earth, so what would happen .curious, right? Here we start to see the world without teachers in the following material.

  1. Wastage of precious time

As all, we know that students are considered the future of any nation. If there would be no teacher in the class so students will not take any interest in studies. Similarly can start playing cards, making noise in the academy, and start bullying to other students who are passive and can not defend their actions or save their selves from Their annoying actions. Moreover, sometimes situations could be even catastrophic as if they can frighten them, could attempt unlawful activities, could use abusive language, etc.

  1. The threat of character assassination

This point is even more serious now. Nowadays, students are aware of using social media and can use their potential in negative activities due to the absence or disappearance of the teacher. The first thing is bullying and harassing peers in the academy. As we know, the importance of psychological and cognitive development of school-age students that this time is very crucial, and any abusive act and watching any kind of obscene or vulgar material could harm their mindset development.

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  1. Do as desire

Students like to have a chat, want to play, want to go outside, and want to do as they want .just imagine if the teacher disappeared. Students were just having fun, playing games, watching movies on Netflix, etc. On the other hand, some students are playing video games; some are playing jigsaw, seesaw; marbles and tug of war, etc.

  1. The shortage of understanding of study material

The school has a huge library, beautifully designed, furnished with every essential equipment, having enormous storage of books on the shelves, have fully equipped computer lab, and strategically designed textbooks. Still, students are not eligible enough to get benefits from these. They cannot understand the stuff by their own or cannot learn by themselves that how to use a computer, how to get full benefits from textbooks, what techniques should be utilized to understand effectively, why cramming is not good for cognitive development and how to use theory in practical life etc.

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  1. Lack of motivation

Director in an indirect sense, we all are inspired by someone. Researches say that a large number of people admire their teachers initially, Assignment Writing Service further elaborates on it in various dimensions. The way they act, the way they talk, walk, speak, and behave. Lately, they try to pursue their favorite one as their ideal personality and start to be like them in the future even they want to follow their profession and any minute movements from their side. Teachers help students to pursue their goals positively and also motivate those students who face issues in attending proper classes. The disappearance of the teacher can affect the motivation level of those students.

  1. Paucity in counseling

The main aim of the teacher is to direct the student about the right path for the future.Counseling plays a vital role in it. Every student needs it that there should be someone who can understand him/her individually, try to listen to him/her carefully, and provide a substitute for his/her situation. They want someone who can direct him how they can take benefits from their individuality or how they can have their personality or identity


  1. No systematic pattern

Every academy or organization has its unique pattern or criteria. These rules and regulations are followed with the help of the staff. If there would be no teacher in the academy so there would be no systematic timetable of the duration of periods, lunch breaks and study hours, etc. To run the organization, the teaching staff is also necessary.

  1. Storage of research and development

Every nation’s education system fabricates its future. If there would be no teacher in the class, that means students are free. They can do what they want. If the country needs advancement in technology due to the need of time, but the majority of students want to be a singer. This shows that a teacher is important that they know the accurate need for a specific field. So we can prepare labor according to current demand. It is also important to compete with other countries


  1. Scarcity of innovation and creativity

It is proven that every individual has its gifted specialty by GOD. People just need to polish this accordingly. Teachers play a vital role in polish student’s skills according to their interests and market scope. Innovation is essential for upgrading and developing, and creativity plays an important element in meeting the need.

  1. Emotional support and tolerance

Emotions are vibrant feelings. It’s very important to use it correctly. The teacher provides emotional support to students to cope with the situation. Also, encourage them to increase the level of emotional tolerance. With the help of tolerant behavior, they can perform well.


Nations are dependent on good teachers who are equally equipped with teaching skills. The disappearance of teachers from class can aggravate the chances of a catastrophic future in the world.

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